Salt Water Aquarium

I decided to start this project partly because it was always a curiosity of mine on how reef tanks were built. I always loved watching salt water fish when visiting the aquarium and after my daughter was born I though this was a great opportunity for her to be able to see the fish at home too.  Plus I thought it was cool!


  • 20″ high x 48″ long x 24″ deep (at center) (curve starts at 12″ on sides)
  • Calculated Gallons 78 (Did not account for I.D. dimensions such as glass & metal thickness)
  • Body 1/8″ Alum (alloy 5052)
  • Back Flange 1/2×3/4 Alum Flat bar (alloy 6061) rolled to match curve.
  • Glass: 1/2″ – 19.5″ x 47.5″
  • Sani-tred’s AR Colorcoat – 1 quart (gray)
  • In the Swim’s Super poxy paint – 1 gal (black)