About Me

Hello and welcome to my site. I have to first say that I’m not very good at describing myself so you will have to bear with me.  Ever have someone say, “what do you like to do?”  That, to me, is such a long answer I usually just say nothing much.  The reason is because the truth of that question could be broken up into categories. Its complicated.  Depending on my current interests the “what I like to do” changes and comes with a lot of explanation since its not that typical.

I think the best description people that know me have said to me is that i’m a renaissance man.   The issue is when ever I say that to myself I think of Leonardo da Vinci and immediately find no similarities.  He was a true master of his craft.  People tell me that i’m just being modest but without greatness to look up to I don’t think I would continue to experiment with new interests or be inspired to create something new and different.  In any case, maybe including the “modern day” renaissance man since it may have a slightly different meaning and context helps me accept it.

One last thing I wanted to mention was my health.  At the age of 23 I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis.

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