1957 HiLiner Runabout

1957 HiLiner Runabout

In 1986-1987 I took on a restoration project which pretty much ended being a ground up restoration.  I wish I had more photos of this project to show but for now I just have the final project.

I purchased this boat from a friend in High School.  It was given to him by one of his extended family members I believe.  I’m not sure which but he had no desire to restore it and ended up selling it to me for $100.  Believe me, it was worth about that much considering the condition of it at the time.  The boat had apparently been sitting outside for a very long time and all finish had been worn off, all hardware was completely destroyed and parts of the structure needed a complete rebuild.

After dragging it on a half working boat trailer to my parents shop with my car I sanded the entire boat down to bare wood, inside and out.  I had to find replacement hardware for 90% of the boat since the majority of it was corroded.  I also researched the boat and found old literature which helped me with colors and placement of hardware.

I also purchased a restored 1958 Evinrude from a local engine repair shop which was very in keeping with its styling for this year.

The project took a summer to complete.  I used the boat for several years with friends for relaxation, waterskiing and fishing.  Little small by my standards today but what a fun boat it was.

In 1991, I sold the boat for $5000 to pay for an engagement ring.  Looking back at it and considering that the marriage didn’t last it probably wasn’t the best discussion to sell the boat.   Such is life.  My hope is to find another someday and restore it.  It certainly was a fun project.